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I am an artist living in Hastings on Hudson, NY, in the beautiful Hudson River Valley.  I studied art at Bennington College and I have an MA in art therapy. Besides working on my own artwork and jewelry in my studio, I work with children with special needs making art.  For many years I was the Coordinator of Special Education at The Queens Museum.

I have spent my life making things.  I have traveled a lot and have held a lot of different jobs.  It has all been very interesting....

When my children were born, I started working in fabric because I needed a medium that was portable and didn't require an elaborate studio to set up in.  I sewed in the playground, on the subway and while my kids were napping.  At first, using felt was a substitute for painting, but as I worked with it more, I began to love its organic quality, and the act of sewing spoke to my new role as mother.  The bold patterns and colors of my work connect me to my own mother, who loves colorful Marimekkko dresses and who taught me to sew.  To me, these sewn pieces are very intimate and are a link between the generations of my family.

More recently, jewelry has become a passion, and I spend a lot of time in my studio stringing beads and enjoying the colors of different stones. I sell my work at craft fairs and boutiques.

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